About The Event

The Maharishi Vedic University in collaboration with the Brahma Vidya Peetham International, present the 3rd International Conference on the Application of Modern Science and Vedic Science: “Creating a Peaceful, Prosperous Society: Vedic Technologies for Social Improvement”.

The two-day conference will feature talks from leading Vedic scholars and renowned scientists from around the world and will illuminate how Vedic Technologies can be applied for the benefit of human life on the basis of scientific reality. Previous conferences were held in India in 2015 and recently in Nepal in March of this year.

A special FREE workshop dedicated to secondary school students, principals and teachers only, will be conducted on Day 3, Sunday 3rd November, and will serve as an introduction to how Transcendental Meditation and Consciousness-Based Education can be used in schools to aid students academically and socially. Principals and teachers are encouraged to register by clicking “Get Tickets”.

At this International Veda Conference, we will demonstrate how the principles of Vedic Science, verified by Modern Science, can be applied in various fields to elevate the life of our societies and combat social issues like crime, poverty and unsustainable practices facing our nation.

The comprehensive knowledge of Veda has been brought out in the language of our modern scientific age by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the great Vedic sage and scientist, who inspired scientists around the world to research and illuminate Veda and it’s practical technologies of consciousness. He is renowned for teaching the Transcendental Meditation™ programme, the most thoroughly researched and effective technique for self-development. Maharishi also dedicated years to restoring the Vedic knowledge of health care, education, defence, agriculture, administration and architecture in their purity and completeness. The practical programs that he developed in these areas offer everyone everywhere the full promise of life — life in enlightenment, peace, affluence and good health.

Why you should attend

We are at a juncture in our existence where uncertainty of our future looms. It is imperative that we take a close look at changing our pathway as a nation. Implementing the scientific validated programs from Vedic Science and putting it to work for us as a nation will only serve to alleviate such issues  as crime and violence, which we have come to accept in our daily lives.

A very unique opportunity has been created through this International Conference to apply these Vedic technologies to reduce crime, violence, stress, poverty, and suffering in the lives of the people in Trinidad and Tobago, the wider Caribbean and the entire world. Internationally recognized scientists and researchers will examine the principles of Vedic Science now verified by Modern Science and demonstrate how these principles can be used to create coherence and harmony for the region.

Who should attend

This conference will create a platform for researchers, scientists, academics, Vedic practitioners, religious leaders, educators, students, activists, law enforcement experts and anyone who is interested in creating a better understanding of one’s own existence, while also reducing the national and regional levels of crime and violence and learning how Veda and its practical technologies of consciousness can affect every aspect of human life.

Goal of the Conference

To present a master plan for the application of Modern Science and Vedic Science for a peaceful, prosperous society and to introduce the benefits of Transcendental Meditation and Consciousness-Based Education in Trinidad and Tobago.

We look forward to creating a new level of awareness and understanding of the application of Vedic Science as promoted by Maharishi for the growth of individual consciousness which leads to the rise in collective consciousness for the creation of an ideal person, an ideal society and an ideal nation.

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